25 February 2012

Delhi Elections - Will Delhi have a real choice this time ?


2012 MCD Elections - 272 seats :   Will Delhi have a real choice this time ?

Will the youth come forward, after a gap of 60+ years and take charge of the city ?

Delhi needs just 136 young Women & 136 young Men to be people's Candidates to Municipal Corporation

1. Young men & women of Age Group : 21 to 40 years, duly registered as voters in their respective wards (Power to Youth)

2. Honest, Selfless with zeal to Change the world

3. Experience : Having the honest feeling for the good of others

4. Not welcome : Those with criminal cases of any kind whatsoever. And those rejected from other parties.

5. Money : You will not be required to pay any money for Humanist Party's ticket as its candidate. Party will not give you any money for elections. Your elections should be conducted by the people of the area with their voluntary contributions that should be publicly handled by a team of people of the area

6. Your task : To form grass root groups of your ward, in every neighborhood of the ward, that will take charge of all aspects of life in their areas, with direct participation of residents on daily-basis. Your role will be to coordinate this activity of Real-Democracy-in-action.

7. Process of selection : Anyone fitting the above criteria is welcome. Have a team of 50 volunteers supporting your candidature and send your application by email (info@humanistparty.org) immediately. We will visit you in your area to meet you and your supporters and finalize the candidate.
If there are more than one candidates from one area, we will promote honest discussions among the candidates and their supporters to unanimously select the best candidate. In case of a tie and no solution, we will do an internal election to select the winner on a clear written condition from all candidates to fully support that winner.

8. Remember : No money will change hands. All expenses of the election will be done solely based on voluntary donations of the people.
Since our way of working with be "people-to-people", "house-to-house", based in neighborhoods-teams without any high-flying-leaders, we will actually not need much money.
Our work will be to form active groups of residents in every neighborhood of every ward that will take charge of their respective neighborhoods, from now onwards.

When we work like this, we do not need anything more than a simple leaflet and perhaps a few banners in every neighborhood to propagate our ideas, which will take shape of a daily action of and by the people immediately.
We are talking of "power to the people" and hence the leaders' role will be only to coordinate the action that people will decide and take everywhere.

This is what Gandhi's Real Swaraj meant and we intend to put it to action NOW !

Our way of working will be NON-VIOLENCE-IN-ACTION, that is Active-Non-Violence.

We will work with creativity, positive action instead of hatred, enmity, competition or insult to anyone. We care for Our Dignity, Your Dignity, Dignity for all without any discrimination whatsoever.

We will soon be announcing the specific points of Humanist Manifesto for Delhi that will be based on the 5 points of Humanist ideology and our manifesto given at www.humanistparty.org website.

If you are with us, come over immediately. The Future invites you.

11 February 2012

No More Wars - 99% People's demand !




PROPOSAL 2.0, January 26, 2012 DRAFT


We the people of the Moscow and New York Assemblies acknowledge that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members. We are at a critical moment in history.

There is a rising tide of military aggression and wars supported by increasingly lethal technologies. There are deaths and maimings of civilians across the globe.

Rampant military spending, over 1.5 trillion dollars a year, continues despite the global economic crisis and increasing poverty. In the global trade in arms, manufacturers make hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and Russia and the United States supply more than half of major weapons.

We are aware of the history of our two countries. The nuclear arms race was led by the United States, a country that used nuclear weapons on civilian populations on two occasions (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). The Cold War arms race between the United States and Russia deprived our peoples of our wealth.

It has been more than 20 years since the end of the Cold War yet our countries, Russia and the United States, still possess 95% of the more than 20,000 nuclear weapons on the planet. Nearly 2,000 of the Russian/US warheads are deployed  ready for immediate launch.

Thousands of nuclear warheads and millions of guns do not defend ordinary people from poverty and do not help them feed themselves.

Nuclear power continues to pose a threat to life and earth and is the essential technology driving the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  
Every nuclear reactor is a potential bomb factory that burns and produces materials which with further processing can be used to make nuclear warheads. Nuclear accidents have led to nuclear catastrophes. 
Chernobyl and now Fukushima have given us the resolve to say “No to nuclear!”.

The threat of war is not an acceptable or workable response to the feared or actual spread of nuclear weapons which can emerge from nuclear power technology. To avoid nuclear proliferation and end the risk of devastating nuclear war, the current nuclear-armed states must eliminate their arsenals and initiate a universal phase-out of nuclear power. The United States and Russia, with the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear arms, must lead the way for global nuclear abolition.

We envision a world without nuclear weapons, an end to the arms race and an end to war. We will not stop our public assemblies, we will not go home, we will not rest until the world and the power is restored to the people.

We put forth the following list of concrete measures to achieve nuclear abolition and disarmament:

•        Standing down of US and Russian nuclear weapons now ready to fire within minutes and unilateral actions by both countries to eliminate their arsenals.

•        Global negotiations for elimination of all existing nuclear arsenals and a world permanently and equitably free of nuclear weapons.

•       Closure of all nuclear test sites, including Nevada and Novaya Zemlya.

•       An end to development of missiles and space weapons and negotiation of a missile/space ban.

•       An end to the spread of nuclear technology around the planet and shutdown of existing nuclear power plants.

•       Transparent reduction of conventional weapons.

•       An end to all drone programs and any development of new lethal technologies.

•          Reallocation of military spending and capabilities of scientists to building a safer, sustainable world.

•       Dismantlement of NATO and other bloc military alliances.*

We don’t need missiles, we need housing.

We don’t need bombs, we need hospitals.

We don’t need guns, we need schools and books.

We don’t need bullets, we need food.

We need to live in peace and security. We need a world in which ordinary people are not victims of political games. We need a world where we can love one another, love our children, and be friends with our neighbors, without having to fear for our lives and our planet.

*This list is non-inclusive.

03 February 2012

Together, We Can ! Together, We Shall !

One after the other, the scams are coming out. Not only the new ones, but the deeper and more serious nature/level of earlier scams are coming out.

Like someone told me, after hearing today's Supreme Court's judgement :
" PMO officials make serious mistakes, but PM is held not responsible for it;
One minister does a scam, but the PM is help not responsible for it;
But, when the cricket team does not perform, the Captain is held responsible. Is it that the PM is not the Captain (leader) of the Government ? "

This shows a very negative feeling on part of the people. One after the other, the speakers on various TV programs talk about it, but nothing changes.

It is time that people take cognizance of the matter and take decisions.
It appears that our representatives (yes, they are our elected representatives, though they do not have 51% population's votes) have either lost the will be give us an Honest Government, or there is something worse than that - the will to mis-appropriate the people's resources.
Why is it that it takes the Supreme Court to tell them that they cannot sit on the application asking for sanction to prosecute those suspected of Corrupt practices ?
Why is is that the Supreme Court has to remind the Government of its basic duties towards the citizens ?

We think the time has come for responsible citizens to come forward.
It is time that, we, the common people, come out of our shells, out of our "meaningless running after money for survival", out of our "useless ambition of becoming rich", and take "responsible charge of our Lives, of our Country" and lead it to a situation of Dignity for all.

I, on behalf of the Humanists, invite you all to discuss this way forward and shape it immediately into a wave that will clean up the corruption (violence in all forms), creating exemplary life-style for others to look up-to.

As a Humanist, I pledge today to start a new phase of life that will be worthy of being a true Humanist.

And, simultaneously, invite you all to join me in this humble effort, so that, together, we can Humanize ourselves and our Country, our World !

Together, We Can ! Together, We Shall !