11 January 2012

Expansion of the issue of “Struggle against Corruption” - a Humanist explanation

Expansion of the issue of “Struggle against Corruption”
- a Humanist explanation


Corruption is a form of Economic Violence, because it results when one manipulates a situation by way of unfair economic gains (offered or taken).

Humanists understand that violence manifests in different forms.

First of all it has two ways : External violence and Internal violence.

While the popularly understood expression of violence is Physical violence (physical fights, wars etc. Leading to bodily harm), It also gets expressed in the form of :

Economic Violence : Unemployment, Exploitation, Corruption, Slavery, Poverty, Monopolization etc.

Racial Violence : Caste differences, Racial discrimination, etc.

Religious Violence : Discrimination and Intolerance on the basis of religious beliefs;

Gender Violence : Discrimination according to gender, Female infanticide, Rape, etc.,

Psychological Violence : Spreading negative values (for example through mass media and advertising), Creating fears among people, Creating hatred and divisions, based on language, regionalism, poor-rich, etc.

Moral Violence : Remaining quiet in the face of violence being committed

Internal Violence expresses itself in the form of : Greed, Hatred, Enmity, Frustrations, Insecurity, Resentments, etc. Negative memories, Negative intentions and Negative plans ......

Hence, while corruption is one form of violence, to build a better society, a better country and a better world, we need to overcome all forms of (internal and external) violence and take the society beyond the era of violence.

Our issues thus, include all forms of violence, remaining very logical without any deviation from the original objectives of the struggle.

Having explained the different forms of violence, we can easily understand terms like :
( First of all, a life style is generated as a value-system, whereby people share the common dream of becoming rich as the main meaning of life. This is done by controlling education and media in order to serve the market.)

Corruption in Science : Resulting, for example, in GM Food. By sponsoring all scientists (who, as today' humans, also want to be quick-rich), they not just pay for research, but, mostly to make the declarations for the kind of conclusions they wish to have, in order to sell their products.

Are we, then, surprised, that the world has not seen even one Scientific invention for more than 50 years now ? (Here, we need to understand that Invention is a completely new concept like the Phone, Electricity etc., and Technology is the adaption of Science in the form of products, and we have seen only major Technological advances in these times. These are also important, but, they are not inventions).

That is how, an anti-life and dangerous product like GM-Seed is being hailed as a great invention for humans, while its sole purpose is to capture the control of food-production from farmer to a monopoly.

That is how, fear is used to sell vaccines for children, which have been claimed & proved to be useless by many selfless medical-scientists.
That is how, using fear, fashion and life-style issues (all of them created by manipulating the economically-controlled-media), they well us many things, giving the statements of “paid-scientists” as the support behind their claims.

Corruption in Economy : Supporting the large and monopoly industries, while killing the small enterprise, in-spite of the established fact that more than 50% of employment and exports have always been generated by the small scale industry in India and there are exemplary Co-operative enterprises across India that need to be expanded further in the same and more areas, thus increasing employment and dignified life for people.

Are we then surprised that the Government has plenty of money to support the rich industrialists when their companies fail (actually because the money in the companies is swindled to personal accounts of the rich promoters). Are we surprised that while they follow Capitalist policies in the name of Reforms, they bail-out the rich and don't care about the poor. Lets us not forget here that the money in the companies comes from (people owned) banks and PSUs like LIC, UTI and other financial institutions.

Are we surprised that the amount of 39,000 Crores as taxes-backlog from rich people as of the year 1990 has only grown further, with almost no action taken against any of them. This amount is said to be grown by 10 times by now.
Are we surprised that we have a whole lot of Politicians who declare their wealth in Crores (in election affidavits), whereas they have no known/declared business or job to their life's record and they are also proud to claim that they have been solely working for the country for their whole lives ?

Are we surprised that Air-India is suddenly saddled with 111 extra air-crafts (alleged to be for commission for some people), even against the decision of the management and hence putting the airlines under serious economic stress leading to losses ? Who pays for these losses while the politicians are responsible for them ?

Oil, Electricity, Mining, Water, Forests, all of them being National assets are being sold out cheap (many times free of cost) to private monopolies, against the interest of people and the country.

There are hundreds of scams, many of which have been unearthed during the last one year, being just the tip of iceberg.
It is clear that, if we have AN HONEST-CLEAN-SELFLESS GOVERNMENT ( is it really a tall order for a country of 1.2 billion ), we can provide dignified life to each and every citizen without any issue whatsoever.
Money needs to be removed from the center of life.

All Violence against Farmers by way of controlling their output-prices, while their costs are left to the absurdities of the market can be overcome if the complete food-supply-chain is handed over to Co-operatives that are fully owned, run and managed by the involved farmers themselves. While the farmers are committing suicides (one every 31 minutes), the food produced by them is making many companies rich at all times while the consumers are paying major part of their incomes for food. If these prices were to reach the farmers, they would have enough resources to buy-off the likes of Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis of the country with that kind of money.

Are we then surprised that the loans and subsidies meant for farmers are given to politicians and their relatives ?

Corruption in Education : While the Humanists raised and opposed the issue of “Capitation fees and Donations in education institutes” in 1984 and presented a clear memorandum and way forward, it took the blind and deaf governments 27 years to come to this conclusion and issue directives against this menace.
In the meanwhile, they have systematically harmed the established Government-school-system and promoted privately owned education industry whose obvious motive is to churn out huge profits that as always at the cost of the students' life and dignity.

Today, for example, we create frustrated data-entry operators in the name of Information technology engineers. The medicine students have the motivation to pass their exams through cheating. What kind of medical treatment can be expected from them to save human-lives ?

While we rightly blame doctors to have become exploitative, we forget (though this is not an excuse) that to become a doctor, one needs to spend a sum in the range of 25 to 75 Lakh, for which most parents have to pledge their homes, lands and jewelry.  Same is the case for engineers and others. Those who want to become teachers, for example, are considered as duds. That demonstrates the rotten value system prevailing today.

Why are we divided on the basis of Language, Religion, Caste, States, Regions etc. ?
Why were all these divisions created and nurtured by the politicians so far ?
Clearly, this was done to keep people fighting over crumbs thrown to them, while the politicians would remain quietly and happily exploiting and looting the country.
First they divide us, then they create reservations and while many await the fruits of these reservations, a few take away everything and the rest keeps hoping for a better future for generations after generations.

Housing and Land scams are well know, whereby a large section of people are left to manage their lives in dirty and unhygienic conditions in urban-slums and poor-neglected-villages, their lands are taken away to built luxury lifestyle for a few.

Speculatory scams
are created to suck people's hard-earned money (showing them the dreams like “Kaun Banega Crorepati) that goes in the fat-pockets of the 1% who remain becoming rich by the second, while the rest keep watching their life's savings going down the drain at all times. A violent value-system is systematically created using mass-media and education system that has already been degenerated and is in full control of dirty hands of the monopolistic-violent mafia, popularly called now as THE 1%.

Corruption in medical science : Unnecessary medicines are forced on people using “Doctor is the God” as the theme in background. Illegal tests are done on non-suspecting patients and the doctors caught (if at all) doing it, are let off on simple fines, which are obviously paid by their sponsoring and supporting illegal companies doing their illegal research. For running this scam, they create doctors whose sole aim in life is to become rich.

In the same way, we can describe examples from different fields of life, The scams that have been increasing in various fields are a result of the violent system operating in our country, our society and our life.

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