09 April 2011

Presence of Humanist Party of India at India Gate, Delhi, 09 Apr 2011.

Presence of Humanist Party of India at India Gate, Delhi, 09 Apr 2011.

The HP members Sudhir & Saket participated in the rally from Jantar Mantar to India gate and then the celebrations at India Gate with a passionate and peaceful crowd of a few thousand people.

The whole environment was like a celebrations, with happy, satisfied, confident faces all around. People seem to have regained faith in life and they were vibrating with energy, talking positively about the power of non-violence and the need of using non-violence as the method of struggle against crisis.

Our banner showing Anna Hazare's cricket-shot (that blew away the Prime Minister Monmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi) became an instant super hit with people who saw it.
Everyone wanted to take a picture of the banner, then a picture of banner with themselves in it.
Then, as we reached India gate, media came after us one by one and in groups, taking video of the banner and asking us brief question about the theme of the banner. Our explanation: "When the non-violent honest people start playing cricket, the corrupt ones will be thrown far away than the seas of India".

Hundreds of people took pictures of the banners with us and the theme became the super hit theme among the people there. This was very encouraging for us also and showed us a new way to reach people.

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