02 February 2011

Who is a true leader ? Look within yourself, you will find one there.

Well, in the Indian context, though we seem to have forgotten the meaning of the term, we still remember that Subhash Chandra Bose was given the title of "Netaji" (meaning leader) by people and people still remember him and only him as "Netaji".
Gandhi was accepted by all as the leader of people, while Nehru was imposed as the "chacha" of people.
Gokhle, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaq-ullah, (and hundreds of others), are still revered by people without the support of Government advertisements on their birthdays, while those imposed are pushed down our throats via the  advertisements, paid (without agreement) by the hard-earned money of the people of India.

Lets take the examples of Gandhi (the real one), Subhash Bose and Bhagat Singh as the leaders. How did they become the leaders ?
They worked with the common people of India, the "last man of the country", and built their campaigns from there. They understood the pain of the last-man and worked tirelessly to fulfil the dreams of the last-man.
They did not impose their ego on the people, but used the energy of the ego in fulfilling the dream of those people. They did nothing to build any personal property, leave alone amassing wealth by all/any means. They lived and continue to live in our hearts even today and will continue for ages to come.

Today, the common refrain, when we talk of a total change is "then, who will lead the country? who will be the prime minister ?"
Do we think that all we need is a good prime-minister ? Are we expecting the "birth of an honest prime minister" and wait till then, while the millions of people keep suffering every day?
25% of Indian population (25 Crores) sleeps hungry every day. How long will they have to wait ?
Millions of children sleep hungry every day. How long will they have to wait ?
There are more than 3 rapes happening every hour in the country ? How many more of our daughters and sisters will have to suffer this ? How long do we want the country to wait for a dignified life ?

We know that we have all the resources to give a dignified life to each and every citizen of the country, even without each one having to work as a bonded-laborer ? We know the dignified life - that is our birthright - is possible TODAY, but, due to the ill-plans of the mafia that is ruling the country, these are going hay-where.

It is upto us, the simple citizens of the country to decide the time period for which we wish to wait for this to change. Look at what they achieved in Tunisia and are working-for in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Algiers and elsewhere. Are we not capable of brining change for ourselves and our future generations ?

But, again that question : who will lead us ? Where are we going to get these leaders from ?
We, the Humanists, feel that these leaders will rise up from among us. People who will throw away their fears and selfish attitudes will get the right to lead us and we will accept them whole-heartedly as our selfless leaders.

The Humanists are working to create these leaders of tomorrow. These people working in various neighborhoods, streets and villages of India (like in 150 countries of the world), to be joined soon by many more across the Nation, are developing the abilities of leadership in them through their actual work with the people at grass-root levels. Many of them will come up, accepted by their initial groups, expanding into bigger numbers.

But, these leaders will be different. They will lead teams instead of blind-followers. In the information era, when the knowledge is available to all, the leaders will build teams and the leaders will be excellent coordinators (and not just dictators) of their team, with each member of the team having his/her role in the team. The team will lead the environment together, always welcoming more people into the team and replicating such teams everywhere.
The most important component of this new form of leadership will be "lack of ego" for the leaders. The leaders will always be empowering others, always delegating more and more activities to others, helping others learn the new things and roles and take charge of things, while increasing the number of such trained people/teams at all the times.

These leaders will not work for money, they will not amass wealth for themselves, they will not perpetuate their leadership-role at any stage, because they will be selfless leaders, better called "true orientors". They will be more like the "natural Gurus", the people who will be readily accepted by others as worthy of leading positions, worthy of emulation by millions.
Instead of showing off their abilities and power, they will guide others to achieve that ability in simple ways, without hiding the process of learning such abilities. Instead of telling others, for example "I will tell you what is the ultimate truth", they will show the way to experience "The Profound" by people on their own. They will be the true Guides for people, sharing their knowledge and abilities with all who care for it.

But, again, the big question, "But how will such people be produced/prepared/trained ?"
Answer : While it is not easy, it is possible. With a combined mix of selfless social work with people and work with oneself, one can achieve this. SILO (www.silo.net) has compiled, built, demonstrated and documented this work and its steps, with efforts of over the last 41 years. The work is available to those who care for it, without any charges, without anything in return. Just take it and do with it what you may like and pass it on to others with your experience. If you care, the guidance is available from those who are practising it, selflessly. Finally, you will need to look within you and find the future leader there. Build that leader and take care of your world. Take the decision to be one and launch yourself on the path to be one, while learning to leave aside your ego and go beyond it.

While a lot more can be said on the subject, it is better we keep it short and leave the rest to those who care. This path is not a formula but a way that needs to be travelled and you are welcome. I am sharing my humble experience with you.

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