07 February 2011

Regarding the events in Egypt

Here we publish complete the Press Release text that the international organization "World Without Wars and Without Violence" communicated today, in reference with the recent facts developed in Egypt. Such organism, forms part of the Humanism Movement and was the one coordinating the "World March for Peace and Non Violence" that finished on 2010.
Image by: Mundo sin Guerras
El Cairo, 2/6/11 
 Regarding the events in Egypt, World without Wars and Violence (WwWaV) states:
  1. We stand in full solidarity with the people of Egypt who are demonstrating for the legitimate and human right to change their government in hands of a dictator who has held power for 30 years and we point out that 66% of the Egyptian population where not even born when Mubarak took over the country.
  2. We support the massive people’s call for Mr. Mubarak to step down immediately without prior conditions.
  3. We denounce all acts of violence whether they be by members of the misguided security forces or demonstrators and we call on the future government of Egypt to bring those responsible for the violence to justice for the murders and injuries caused during the protests.
Regarding events in the wider Middle-East, WwWaV states:
  1. The people will not be denied their freedom. Time and again throughout human history a moment arises when the people recognise the failure of their society, their illusions are shattered and they see the way forward to open the future towards human development, social justice and the expression of human intentions to live in a world without violence.
  2. We know that popular movements in Algeria, Jordan, Syria, the Yemen and other countries are gaining strength and will also find vindication, and we are backing this.
  3. We celebrate the fact that despite the news images beamed around the world are generally focused on acts of violence and shocking images of burning flags and hanging effigies, the vast majority of the people are demonstrating with no intention at all to use violence.
We denounce:
  1. Mubarak’s announcement insisting on remaining in power until elections of September 2011 and call on him to go now.
  2. The USA and European government’s weakness and support of the President and the huge sums of money that have been directed to the Egyptian military for decades.
  3. The hypocrisy of western governments who stand by in so many cases around the world, allowing violent, undemocratic regimes to remain in power as long as this in their interest.
  4. The scaremongering of those politicians who predict a future in which the results are not desirable for foreign interests.
We call on the governments of all countries experiencing massive popular protests to: 1. Resign immediately, 2. Restore basic freedom of speech and expression, and, 3. Allow a nonviolent transition to a new era of freedom for men, women, old and young, such as happened in the countries of the former Warsaw Pact in 1989.
We call on governments of all other countries of the world to support all popular movements that try to express themselves and act without violence.
We applaud this inspirational display by the people to work for change without resorting to violence and we will stand in solidarity with all people of active nonviolence until the day they achieve their aims. We are very encouraged to see the younger generations at the forefront of this movement for change and we urge civil society, so dreadfully repressed for years, to quickly organise and select effective leaders of high moral fibre, new faces committed to improved health, education and social justice for all the people of their country.

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