27 January 2011

Republic Day - Are we being responsible ?

I wake up and get a call "Happy Republic Day", and I wonder what the person wants to convey. When I ask him, he is surprised by my question and says "Hey, its Republic day and we should celebrate".
To my next question, "What to celebrate ?", he answers in a very surprised voice, "Celebrate the Republic day, what else ? Why do you need explanations to it ?"

My next question to him is, "Well, my friend, I wish to understand your thinking and feeling behind your good wishes. Since I know you quiet well, I know you are not asking me to celebrate the fact we have 82% of India surviving on less than Rs.2000 per month; that, 40% of India is under the control of Maoists and the writ of the Government does not exist there; that, while the Government displays its might on Raj-path, they cannot protect one honest officer who is burnt alive by the oil-mafia; that while we talk of the largest educated youth numbers, we still have gender discrimination of the worst kind including bride-burning, girl-child-killing etc."

Here, the guy got frustrated with me, as if I had mixed poison in his food and he just said bye and hung up the phone, wondering, as to what was wrong with me.

The similar things got repeated on the facebook during he day. And I begin to wonder as to why people greet each other on this day and I try to get behind their words, trying to get their feelings and I am surprised, to say the least. I strongly feel that people are doing just a formality, believing that this needs to be done. Many of the greetings that are going around in SMS are without any sense of the day that it is supposed to have been for us by now. The day, indeed, has a great meaning for all of us, but, in reality, it has turned away from what it was supposed to have been.

I think, we need to ask ourselves "Are we really awake ?"
Do we know the significance of this day ?
Do we remember what we promised/committed on this day in 1950 ?
Do we care for what we have done of that commitment ?
Do we know what is written as our commitments in the Constitution and what have we done to those commitments ?
Do we really care for the country, to whom this day belongs ?
Do we know that 82% of India lives on less than Rs.2,000/- per month income ?
Do we know that 40% of India is under the control of Maoists and the Government does not exist in that big part of the country ?
Do we know that people have to sell their land, their jewelery, homes, etc. for the higher education of their children ? And they still remain unemployed after that, or become criminals.
Do we know that criminals have taken over politics and are in control of the Parliament and the state assemblies and are looting the national resources in collaboration with Industrialists, Media and all the branches of the State who have been compromised in the loot.
Do we know that the honest officers, if they act, are killed, like the latest burning alive of the Additional Collector in Maharashtra who was raiding the oil-mafia ?
There are many more things, but, without boring you to read all of it here, let me ask you, if this is the Republic that our freedom-fighters had dreamt of ? Is this the Republic that we wish to have ? Is this the Republic that we greet each other for ?
Now, please think, if this is the Republic that is worth being called a Republic ? Is it the real democracy that we wish to have ?
Or, is it, that, by wishing each other, we are closing our eyes, like a pigeon, wishing that things will change just because we wish good ? "All is well" is fine, but it needs to be followed by sincere and permanent action in that direction.

To me, it seems that we just want to wish every such occasion, hoping against hopes that things will be fine soon, while we keep running after money-power-sex. Alas! it does not work that way.
But, how will things become fine ? As long as the mafia rules the nation, we can expect only loot and violence to increase as it is already increasing everywhere.
While the advertisements in media show us a "shining India", is it really shining ? Please let me know if I am blind. I wish I was and that someone would help me have the right eyes to see the "Shining India" that they claim to have built.

Friends, it is time to wake up.
We are not very different from the situation in Pakistan, whom we curse for many things.
The racism, the religious-intolerance, the political-criminals, the industrial-mafia, the police-control, poverty, hunger, malnutrition and all other issues that exist there, exist in India also. We have more people in actual numbers facing such issues.
Tunisia was no different and look what happened there ? Egypt is following Tunisia and many other countries are on the same track.
Before such a situation develops in India, for which, all the ingredients are present, we request the people to wake up and take charge of the nation with non-violence.

Personally, when I think of this day, I remember the great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Bose and thousands of others who put their lives to make sure that we became free from the violent British rule. But, at the same time, I come to realize that while we did get free from British rule, we still live in the slavery of Indian mafia that is ruling and looting the nation ever since then, and then I make a resolve to ensure that I work for the complete freedom of India, the way the Mahatma wanted it.

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