02 January 2011

In Democracies, when rulers become corrupt & violent, is there a way out ?

In such a situation, there is no option but a revolution.
having said that, the revolution this time, will have to be different as compared to the ones that took place so far.
The revolutions in the past were ad-hoc (not well planned and organised), they were violent, and they just aimed to changed the ruling people with another lot who opposed them.
In these revolutions (and history is an evidence of that, the violence of one group was replaced by the violence of another group; the discrimination style of one group was changed by another style.
There was no real change in the "mental direction" of the people who replaced the violent ones.
Hence, once the euphoria of change was over, the society realized that nothing had really changed.

Now, the times are different.
The communication revolution has brought he whole world closer and what happens at one place, has immediate (almost instantaneous) effect on the whole world. The world has become a small village in the sense of being connected. This has never been the case in the history of man-kind so far.
Due to this, we are able to see that corruption, violence, discrimination are the same things every where. That the politicians with the partnership of judiciary, industry, media have become the joint-ruling-mafia and are doing everything to their own selfish interests which are always at the cost people.

While the crisis is global, it has no global controls. Things falling at one place will make others also fall. That makes the change also possible in a new way and at global levels.
We need to understand that changes in any one country will have effect on the whole world. It is a positive point, because, realizing this, people can come together as a strong positive force.

The change will have to be through active-non-violence and without discriminating against anyone whatsoever. People will have to be given equal dignity for the fact they are all human beings.

But, for this change to happen in a true sense, the people who wish to bring change, need also to change themselves. They need to realize the true meaning of their lives. They need to move in the direction of becoming truly selfless references for others around them. They need to become the real "changemakers".

When people start behaving with true responsibility towards the society, this can move masses, starting with the few around them. They will need t connect with their environment at grass root levels and spread the message that should bring a real change in the "mental direction" of those around them.
Before we point a finger at the other one, asking him to change, we need to show the change (atleast the direction of change that we take ourselves) to others.
We have no right to ask others to change, if we cannot change ourselves.
Just by becoming a member of an NGO, Movement or Party, one does not change, one does not become a better person.
Following that route, we get a Morarjee Desai, Laloo, Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, Mayawati, and the others who came in after the one-party rule of Congress started breaking in 1980. All these and others who replaced Congress at different levels, have shown us that just like the change from British-violent-rulers to Indian-violent-rulers, we got another change from Congress-violent-rulers to non-congress-violent-rulers.

So, in short, the change needs to be simultaneous : Internal change and external change.
While we convoke and organize people for a nation-wide change, we must start a process of inner-change for each one of us. This is possible. And, it is possible, without bringing-in or clashing with any religion. Religion can and should be kept as a personal matter of everyone, taking it as a possible path to realize the Divine within oneself.

With these changes happening, and people organized in a transparent way in every neighbourhood/village/mohalla, and with leadership arising from the common people from grass-root level and not from those who start this process, and with people realizing the sense-of-responsibility, a selfless responsibility towards the other one, things can change.

Yes, all this can be clarified in terms of a clear plan, on which a million people across the world are working already, quietly. Quietly because the inner change takes time, takes frustration, takes struggle. Its not easy to let go of the Ego, of the " I ".

But, yes, with those who wish to understand it, we can share it, without wanting anything in return - not even by making them our followers. We are not looking for followers. The world needs Change-makers, the real leaders.

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