24 January 2011

Hoisting of National Flag at Lal Chowk - what is the real issue ?

By Sudhir Gandotra

The BJP has caught the Congress and its allies in JK on the wrong foot.
While it is clear that the BJP is trying to score its points through this cleverly knit issue, we have no doubt that all these parties are same when it comes to bringing peace and dignity to people's lives. There is absolutely no difference in their central character of being part fo the Mafia that is controlling the people's resource called "the Country". None of them is for peace and dignity to people, as that would create financial problems for the ruling-mafia.

While, we do not support the Congress and their allies on this issue, we would like to remind the BJP that it will find itself helpless if it were asked to hoist the National-flag in the Maoists-controlled areas of Chhatisgarh or Bihar, where it is the ruling party.
This alone should make us (the people) realize, that, all the current Politicians, since 1947, have done only one task - that of looting the Nation and its people of the resources and dignity of the people.

We, Humanists, realize that the current day Politicians, in collaboration with the Bureaucracy and all other branches of the Government, Legislature, Judiciary, Industry, Media, have become the biggest mafia that is looting the Nation of its resources and dignity, and hence, nothing better can be expected form them, till deep-internal-realization dawns on them.

It is time that people of India wake-up, and instead of running after their careers (money-power-prestige), they pause and set the house (the Country) in order and complete the process of Independence that stopped on 15 August 1947 itself.
This process needs a new education system and a new economic system based on the new Value system of selfless-giving (instead of looting), active-non-violence and no-discrimination, that would have the following starting points :

  • Free Education to all of same quality, without any discrimination whatsoever;
  • Free Health facilities to all, ensuring quality of life, at the door-step;
  • Housing for all;
  • Jobs for all and a Dignified unemployment grant to those who cannot be given a job immediately;
  • Roads and Internet connecting each and every village of the country as a priority;
  • End of all speculations, hence ensuring that prices remain stabilized;
  • Promotion of real Co-operative of people in all fields of economy, while stopping support to private industry and to pseudo-people's-enterprises;

The detailed Humanist agenda is available at www.humanistparty.org/index.php/hp-manifesto

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