24 December 2010

Doctor Binayak convicted for "Waging War against India"

After this news came today afternoon, there have been many emails expressing shock at this development.
I wonder why are we shocked with this development, that is indeed bad from all points of views of democracy and freedom.
Is it that our "civil society" people are still naive about the "system and its intentions" to kill any initiative for freedom ?
Is it that we are still living in the "dream of being a democracy" ?

This development, will, hopefully work as a wake-up call for all freedom-loving-sincere-responsible people of India to start "actually working" for freedom instead of "hoping for freedom".

Let us realize that we are living in a system that is barbaric-autocratic-violent-to-the-core and that will never encourage anything which is truly democratic and for freedom.
Let us realize that this malice exists not just as a system but also within us (as our own internal violence: hatred, enmity, resentment, anger, frustrations, insecurity, etc.) and need to be overcome from both within and around us.
Let us realize that there is no short-cut to it.
Let us realize that there is no political party existing in the country which will give a true response/solution to this issue.

Let us realize that, we will need to start simultaneously, from within us and around us, to cleanse the system and build a completely new world, as, the one we know so far, is long dead. Those managing the system are the Mafia, whose sole aim is to suck the blood of people, over this dead body, which they keep decorated as a "working system", which, it is not.

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