21 December 2010

Can we save Bengal from violence, corruption and poverty ?

If there is a sudden earthquake, do you first consult an architect or save
people ?
If there is a sudden fire, do you first find faults with fire-alarms or save
people ?

Faced with any kind of disaster, you do not open the book titled "How to manage
a disaster in 10 steps", but get down to save people with speed, passion and

Time has come to save the Nation and the Planet from the

Corrupt-Violent-Divisive-Mafia that is ruling us everywhere.

Can we start this action from Bengal ?

It can be possible, provided we get 100 volunteers who will immediately mobilize
10 similarly passionate and peace-loving young people, who, in-turn will do the
same. With 10,000 people, working passionately, we can make a sincere attempt to
save Bengal from violence, corruption and poverty.

Shall we make a sincere attempt ?

Those interested are welcome to get in touch with the Humanist Party.

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