04 November 2010

Visa, Linux Foundation Concoct Linux Credit Card

By Doug Caverly

As a scene in the George Clooney and Vera Farmiga movie "Up in the Air" demonstrated, some people get pretty excited about credit cards. And now, for the Linux professional with an interest in such things, there's a special "platinum rewards" Linux Visa.

A few notes that should be of interest to practical individuals: the card carries no annual fees, the introductory interest rate is zero percent, and after six months, the interest rate will just switch to the federal prime rate.

Also, it's possible for cardholders to earn points towards rewards like free merchandise and airline tickets.

Otherwise, we're pleased to announce that Linux fans can have Tux front and center on their cards, and the Linux Foundation is supposed to receive $50 for every activated card. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to the Linux Foundation, too.

This is a neat way for Linux aficionados to express their partiality for the open-source software. No one should mess up his (or her) credit score on for Linux's sake, of course, but otherwise, the Linux Foundation is sure to appreciate all the support it can get.

More info is available here if you're interested. 

My Note: From the application process, it looks like the card can be applied only by US residents.

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