06 November 2010

The say the world is alive - I look at it this way

You decide for yourself. I have realized and decided that the world, as known to us, is dead and a new world is arising. I have started working for this new world..............

I see the situation like this and work to amplify the Humanist response. You are welcome to be with me/us; we are working across the world in more than 150 countries :

Our concept - UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATION - is very clear to us and we invite you to take your decision. All are welcome, without any discrimination and only one condition : "Decide to leave the violence behind".
Its rising and taking shape, within my, around me, within you, around you, everywhere......................try to feel it and you will see the new reality for yourself...............


  1. great concept explained in 20 minutes sir...

  2. today, the center of life (the values) is : Money-Power-Sex. People are measured only based on these aspects. That is why, everyone is after achieving these and the rat-race for goes on.
    On the other hand, the social resources are more than enough to give an excellent dignified life to everyone in the world; the unemployment, poverty, sickness, homelessness etc. can be finished immediately. The only condition is : leave the greed, treat others as human beings and things will be different.
    Its not magic, but perfectly logical.
    Why are we in this world ?
    Ask that question to yourself sincerely and project your wishes into future and see where do they lead you to. You will find lots of money, power, prestige, gadgets and then one day, when your life ends, what happens ?
    Where is your happiness, your joy, your inner-unity ?
    think, think and think deeply with sincerity and you will be on your path to discover and experience the true meaning of life.
    No, we are not talking of leaving this world and go to himalyas and become a saint. no, that is not the way either.
    But, surely, the human existence needs to take a leap from its current self-inflicted miseries, use the social resources for everyone and take the whole human race to a new level of existence.
    That level, currently unknown, can surely be beyond the self-inflicted miseries and you can experience it by sincerely going deep into yourself. No religion, no Guru, no temple, just you and your internal guide, and a sincere attempt to see beyond.

  3. sudhir

    i believe it is correct to say that organism of humanist addresses the various need for such deep introspection for individuals, institutions, CSRs, bodies, businesses,

    physically and virtually

    the link is at www.humanistmovement.net

  4. yes, the different Organisms (the platforms formed based on Humanist doctrine) have been introduced at www.humanistmovement.net