27 November 2010

Positive Mandate, Tainted MLAs

The sad story of Bihar.....

In the newly formed Bihar Legislature, 58 (51%) out of 114 elected JD(U) MLAs have pending criminal cases. 43 (43%) of them have serious pending criminal cases.
58 (64%) out of 90 elected BJP MLAs have pending criminal cases. 29 (32%) of them have serious pending criminal cases, like murder and/or attempt to murder.
The total is : 116 (57%) out of 204 elected NDA MLAs have pending criminal cases, while 72 (35%) of them have serious pending criminal cases.
9 of the 10 top Crorepati MLAs belong to the ruling combine ( 6 to JD(U) and 3 to BJP).
Average assets of the JD(U) MLAs is 84 Lakh and that of BJP MLAs is 63 lakh, while the average income in Bihar is approximately Rs. 21,000/- per year.
The MLAs with assets of over 50 Lakh who have not declared theyr PAN card details is : 9 for JD(U) and 4 for BJP.

While we Congratulate Nitish Kumar on his win, we consider these figures as a very serious matter indeed. These figures show the intent of the Government being formed there. Whether any of these MLAs become Ministers on not, they will weild considerable power in the new Government and that will ensure that they remain on the beneficial side of the state, not having to suffer for the crimes allegedly committed by them.

What kind of Government is going to be made in Bihar tomorrow ?

No, we are not making any comparison between the winners and losers there, nor are we representing any of the existing political interests in Bihar.  It is clear from these reports, based on the self-declarations made by each fo these MLAs, that we are dealing with a Mafia-like situation.

While it is being said that the people have given a grand mandate for development, we need to realise the seriousness of this situation, wherein 57% of the ruling combine's winners have criminal background.
Yes, they will say, these are only allegations and one is innocent till proven guilty.
The speed for which our justice-system is known-for, will ensure that these cases are not decided atleast during the life of the new Assembly, thus keeping them "innocent".

We are talking of morals, hoping that this word still exists in the dictioneries sold in Bihar.

The declarations by Nitish Kumar as the new CM are very encouraging, if we go just by the words.
The little work (as compared to what needs to be done) done by his last Government has given him a grand mandate that even he did not expect. This only shows the extent to which the people have been suffering from earlier regimes, that when they got just a bit of breathing space, they supported the same combine to rule, inspite of knowing that a majority of the candidates were with criminal background.

It is also an important point that people did not have a better choice.

Can we expect the CM to replace these MLAs with new candidates who are without any criminal backgrounds ?
Or, can we expect the CM to ensure that none of the MLAs that have criminal cases against them have any power in the new Government ? Perhaps, the long-frustrated people will be satisfied with this little step.
Can the CM assure the people that none of these tainted MLAs will go around their constituencies (or anywhere in Bihar) taking undue advantages of their new-found position as MLAs ?

We hope Nitish Kumar will know that keeping his eyes and ears open to people's needs will keep can ensure a stable Government for a long time.

Note: Data in the article is based on ADR reports( http://myneta.info ) which are based on the information given by the candidates to the Assembly in their attested forms.


  1. Ofcourse it is a sadstate, and it is also true for the whole nation. Unfortunately more than half the population still are struggling for basic needs (food, education & shulter) and have no time for peeping into all these matters which should actually be their first priority.
    Making them aware of these things can be the first preference of our party!

  2. You say that "people did not have a better choice." It is so, given the present situation in which constituencies are often fiefdoms. These are preserved due to muscle power, ignorance, misinformation, various forms of blackmailing, etc. Perhaps there is a chance to act on any of these aspects to start a change. If that is not enough, there remains the alternative of setting a "demonstration effect" of a successful non violent change in any other place that may be imitated elsewhere.
    Anyway, sometimes changes in a particular place depend on overall changes taking place in the whole country, not just in the political field, but in others as well.
    In turn, sooner or later, the changes taking place all over the world will leave no area unaffected.
    Hope this is all for the best; but better than hoping is to work wherever we are for that to happen. Best wishes!