12 November 2010

Historic triumph for the people of Costa Rica, social and environmental movements, progressive parties

However, Crucitas mining project remains a threat to the country so we must not drop our guard.
The plenary of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica unanimously approved a draft law banning open-pit metal mining in Costa Rica. With the votes of 49 deputies present, with no votes against, is able to pass this important reform to the Mining Code states that Costa Rica as a country free from open-pit metal mining.
Costa Rica is the first country in the Americas which prohibits open-pit metal mining. This victory is the result of an intensive campaign conducted by the social movements, environmental groups, and progressive parties through demonstrations and protests by thousands of people walking to and from Crucitas, the longest hunger strike in Costa Rica and intense days in the Courts of Justice in the media, in debates, forums and workshops across the country, but especially the product of the unity of all the Costa Rican population that requires both the Government and the Legislature to stop this nefarious activity.
Following the outcry, reflected in polls indicating that 90% of the population of Costa Rica is opposed to the open-pit metal mining, following reports, interviews, documentaries, videos circulating on electronic media, television spots, wedges radio and a social mobilization and pressure has rarely been seen in the country today has finally taken a major step to prohibit Congress this nefarious activity.
However not be applied retroactively to the law, the future of Crucitas mining project, which has led to these massive demonstrations and campaigns, ongoing discussion in the courts where the environmental movement are taking this historic and unequal combat expect a favorable legal resolution to their cause, in the coming days.
Hereby congratulate the Members of all political parties, echoing the popular clamor calling for the prohibition of open-pit metal mining in the country, the Government of the Republic to honor his campaign commitment to the Members of the Broad Front and the PAC for their tenacity and tireless struggle and all those members of environmental organizations, community, GRILLED, universities, student associations, unions, religious of all denominations, media, theatre personalities, the entertainment and sports who put their two cents in this historic national struggle.
We call to remain vigilant, to require mining moratorium is maintained, that the Government published in the Gazette as soon as the bill passed today in Congress, the Constitutional Court to make a deaf ear to unconstitutionality undoubtedly interpose mining companies, and social movements, environmental and progressive parties to continue the struggle to repeal the decree of public interest and national interest given the awful Crucitas mining project.

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