12 November 2010


By Fernando García.

The collapse of this global system will follow the logic of the structural dynamics of all closed systems, in which disorder necessarily tends to increase.” Silo 8 – Violence, the State, and the Concentration of Power. Fourth Letter to my Friends, Silo –Collected Works, Volume I.
These are not times in which ten percent of the population can do as they please with the other ninety percent. Yet today the world is becoming a single closed system where, in the absence of a clear direction for change, capital and power simply continue to accumulate at the expense of everything else. The result is that within this closed system one can expect nothing more than a continued mechanical increase in general disorder. And the paradox of closed systems tells us that any attempt to impose order on the growing disorder will only further accelerate the growth of that disorder.” Silo, I Destructive Chaos or Revolution. Seventh Letter to my Friends– Silo, Collected Works, Volume I.

This was first published in 1993. Fifteen years ago Silo explained the course of the world process that was leading to the mechanical development of events. The current world financial crisis is a showy expression of what he was forecasting in general terms.
He also explained at that time that the current economic world “order” is not perfectible, but is fundamentally unsalvageable. We cannot expect that any of the “solutions” attempted will change the root of the crisis or eliminate the underlying problems. It would be illusory to assume that what is being attempted is anything more than an emergency “solution” to keep the system alive, a band aid for an incurable and deadly disease. This is not simply a periodic or recurring crisis of capitalism like some are fond of calling it to minimize its seriousness.
Our point is not to review the factors that make this system not viable nor go over the Humanist proposal. All this is sufficiently developed in our bibliography. The basis of our doctrine and ideology are absolutely antithetic with those of the prevailing system. The current system is intrinsically based on discrimination and violence, while the Humanist proposal places the human being as the central value, and non violence as its methodology.

The current world financial crisis is a case of extreme economic violence whose consequences include almost every classification of criminal behavior under the law. This economic crisis is not a natural phenomenon without names or faces. The so called “laws of the market” are neither free nor blind, they are intentions launched in a particular direction, and are carried out by identifiable persons (whether individual persons or legal entities) who are involved either by action or by omission. There are those responsible for this crisis as it has been intentionally fueled by speculative financial capital. This is represented by the great banks, the multinational corporations, and all the governments and organisms -national and international- acting in complicity. Although the phenomenon is systemic it has been powered by the imperial ambitions of the USA, with the support and backing of the military industrial complex.

For a long time voices of alarm have arisen pointing out the obvious indicators of what was to come. But all this was ignored by those bragging about their “capacity for leadership” and their “search for excellence”.

This case of extreme economic violence has millions of victims. They are not the minority that will have to cut their earnings and unlimited ambitions, and whose privileged position is based on the accumulation of historical contradictions. The victims are among those who are already on the edge of poverty, chronic malnutrition, endemic disease, and those lacking all protection and assistance, etc. The victims are also the great number who once again will pay from their pockets for the emergency solutions implemented to save the pockets of a few.

While the news reports focus on the ups and downs of the major world stock markets, the massacre of millions of human beings is quietly taking place. Not long ago the press was making estimates in the millions of the possible deaths attributable to the increase in global food prices. These are human beings that have no voice in the news hour nor vote on the decisions made: they are not investors, they are not taxpayers, and they are not news.
So, we not only have the victims, but also the indicators, the motives, the means and opportunity, and the proof of this crime against humanity. The witnesses to this genocide are innumerable. Will the victims be once again submerged under the cynical label of “collateral damage”, like in the so called “armed humanitarian intervention”, “war on terror”, or “preemptive attack”? We have the elements to initiate an international legal action, but this would not be viable or desirable.

The only way out of this predicament is to revolutionize the system, opening it to the diversity of human needs and aspirations. Proposed in these terms, the theme of revolution takes on more than usual importance, with a scope and ramification it could not have had in former times”. Silo, I Destructive Chaos or Revolution. Seventh Letter to my Friends– Silo, Collected Works, Volume I.

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