07 November 2010

Corrupt system and the Humanist way forward

There is absolutely no doubt that we are living in a corrupt and violent system. Further, this system is in complete control of the mafia. USA, with its military-industrial-complex heads this system and the corrupt-value-system goes right down the chain, all over the world, with everyone trying to extract the maximum from those below, exploiting them to the core.
The system is controlled by less than 5% population. Another 10 to 15% that is usually called as "middle-class" is lost in the typical dream of "green-card and being-happy-ever-thereafter", remains in a semi-sleep condition and for them, talking on facebook, discussion forums, harmless TV-shows or similar harmless forums is enough to show some protest to cleanse their conscience once in a while.

In this violent and thoroughly corrupt system, are we condemned to this violence that seems to be perpetuating itself all the time ? Or, is there a way forward ? Is there a possible solution ?
Since we know from history that violence cannot end violence, what is the way out ? If Non-violence is a solution, how will it ever happen ?
Well, let us try to understand the system and the current situation, so as to work forward towards a solution, a Humanist solution.

The corrupt system that we live is can be visualized this way :

This corrupt system, to nurture itself and to increase its strength, needs to keep people under control, as seen in next the visual :

Human being always opposes violence and discrimination. A new form of this opposition that has taken shape over the last decades are the NGOs, also called "Civil-society organizations". While there are enough controversies about them, lets understand their typical role through the following visual :

While these organizations, many of them, are doing wonderful work, they are also giving the Government an excuse, by taking away the responsibilities that the Governments are supposed to fulfill as per their original and stated roles of being the guardian of the people.

The Government and its corrupt-violent system creates all the mess (violence and discrimination) in the society. The NGOs protest against such ills to the same Government, expecting them to resolve the issues, created by the components of the same Government.
How is it possible ?  Something seems to be seriously wrong here.
How will the violent one hear his/her own complaint and resolve it, stopping its own violent action in the process ?
Don't we think this kind of expectation is possibly the worse challenge to our mental abilities ?
Or, is the malaise deeper than that ?
There is a belief that many of these organizations are indirectly controlled and many are funded by the same corrupt-violent system. In such a situation, we can easily understand the lack of effect of the work done by most such organizations and the negligible effect of the honest ones.
We believe that the role of these organizations needs to be re-thought. There is no one with moral authority who can check the violence created by the system and, if at all, we need such an organization. This needs to be re-thought by our society.
We do not have a Mahatma Gandhi or Vinoba Bhave around us, who could openly challenge the highest Government authority to check the violent practices of the corrupt Government system.

Where does all this lead us to ? Lets see this through the next visual :

While things are very bad for a vast majority of the world. In India, while approximately 82% of population survives on mere Rs. 20 a day income, the Government is planning to speed Rs. 5,000 Crores on defense budget in next 10 years. The budgets for education, health, employment, housing are all the time reducing. More & more roads and bridges are become toll-based. There is no money for people's welfare, while Rs.87,500 Crores are wasted on common-wealth-games (or was that Come-on wealth game).

Is there a way out ? Are we in perpetual control of this mafia that runs and manipulates everything in our lives? What is the way out, if any ? What do the Humanists propose in such a situation ?

Once again, we visualize it through the next visuals. Here, lets understand the current state of the system. Its breaking apart  :

The corrupt-violent system is at its weakest point. This is our chance to act and move forward through the use of active non-violence. Lets see how :

And, let us understand what we wish to achieve through this visual :

Friends, these are Humanist proposals that the Humanist Party (and other organizations formed by the Humanist Movement, listed on www.humanistmovement.net) in more than 150 countries are working on. We invite you to come and become a part of this action. take charge of your life. take charge of your neighborhood. he time to act is now.

We work simultaneously on personal and social change.

We are not out to take a revenge. Our aim is to build the UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATION. We do it with deep inner-joy and with the awareness that life has a meaning.
We understand that Human being is evolving and our today is just a moment of history that goes beyond us.
We know that human being was not like today and will not be like today. We work to experience that deep and profound state of happiness and to help others achieve it so that, together, we all take all of us to the next stage of human's being.

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