23 November 2010

All fires, fire


(Spanish translated to english through google)

For me the key is currently in school is today and what we want the school to be in the future. Because it seems increasingly clear, and those letters that circulated on asceticism attest, the School of 50 teachers no longer exists. PDV School died and we are witnessing the birth of true school, the Global (A global school with everyone there on January 8 and there is closed). Since there will be new plans ... is open or not as you want in each place, are good things to talk as asking the question of the future.
Waterproof formula will not play on a large scale, it would be oppressive and out of season.

How wise was SILO: multiply the errors, but the divide. That's a huge key in his will. There will be many things not doing so well, but thousands will be seeking to discover the keys to the universe. And this massive work is what shines. It is a kind of explosion of knowledge. Same, without being specialists in all, suddenly we multiply the questions, the rhetoric of respect, the question of reasonableness.

Come to understand that irradiation does not happen to have a great spokesperson or a compelling speeches. Grace is the theme of the abyss and beyond that which is leaking all over, go under the doors, as described Silo talking about the message.

Because we all want to be in the selected school and we felt that was a step higher than the agencies, the contest is taking place at other stages. But there are different paths to reach the same direction. And SILO does not want to leave us divided, mentalised and gave us the tools for us to match not perfection unapproachable, but in trying infinity.

But if the school is spoken in the villages and in the tail of the carnage, how we'll feel? Lose the exclusive plane descended, setting the level. Interesting paradox, when mounting the general level we got off plane, we are not above the rest, we are part of the rest. Are we willing to lose those privileges?

Why is losing install certain items. I spoke with Anne the other day watching a television program policy in Argentina. There was talk of physical violence, all the while making a very clear difference between different tripos of violence, economic, racial, religious, psychological, this is new, is already installed. Violence is diverse and not just give it with a stick in the head to another.

Now the government is advertising on the issue of diversity, I remember in 2007 that I wondered what was the diversity, there was only 3 years ago. Convergence of cultures had no reason to be, was an issue not raised and is now a flag flying thousands. Aboriginal peoples, immigrants, the various denominations.

And we lose standing in that sense because nobody gives us gals having fought 40 years for non-violence and irritates us, but today the violence is not on everyone's lips in Argentina. Another thing is to comply with the tenets of nonviolence, but at least part of the speech.

If the school is comprehensive and our discourse mass productions are our best sellers, give them our movies in theaters, we will install our themes. Everyone will talk about the breath of death absent from the golden rule, of the 12 principles and we will aquedar without outpost. Without owning a wonderful secret.

First they repeat like parrots and then integrate a concept, an idea, an experience.

Humanize the earth is to have governments that respect human rights, do not leave anyone out of their policies, they face the power of a few to ensure the common good.

Humanize the earth is to have a culture of enjoying the body, beauty, construction, not destruction and waste.

Humanize the earth is that education is not given from the pulpit but from the parity and where students guide their times and their agendas, to shape their learning.

And these three things exist. Lack unite, bind them, strengthen them, rooted, expanded and deepened.

Humanizing the land is not being told that we were right, that SILO was a saint and he give us a ministry.

Obama is now talking about disarmament as inescapable priority of the state, the country's president over the planet murderer.

Our work will never be honored, but it serves, is manifested in the world. Especially since we are not alone. SILO was very helpful for us to see these things, but it was not the only visionary and all those other visionaries have left a trail very interesting and us SILO gave us the spark that could ignite these wildfires.

Fire flames are not the spark that it originates. But we know internally that we are feeding a fire that will discard these incendiary sparks.

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