24 October 2010

The Teachings of The Inner Religion

The Teachings of The Inner Religion

Love and CompassionThe human being–in his kindness–in the elimination of internal contradictions, in his/her conscious acts and in his/her sincere need of evolution gives birth to his/her spirit.

At the root of the great religions, love and compassion were always taught. If this is well understood and is carried forth in a conscious manner, it is enough for the evolution of the spirit. Love and compassion gives unity to the human being and it is those states which contribute to the transmission of the spirit from one to others. The whole human species evolves towards the spirit through love and compassion. One who works for oneself through love and compassion, in fact does it for humanity and for the evolution of all living beings. Compassion carries within itself personal sacrifice without internal contradiction.

Finally, it is not enough that acts are consciously realized if in them there is no love and compassion. The forming of the spirit is not possible in the enclosement of one's own consciousness, in the lack of participation of the spirit in a greater evolutionary process.

The Teachings of The Inner ReligionThe Inner Religion is not based on fear of death or on apocalyptic threats. On the contrary, it teaches how to eliminate suffering and contradictions, how to evolve and how to develop the immortal spirit.

The Inner Religion teaches simply to know oneself and to change life in profundity. Members of The IR feel it is not courageous to refrain from declaring one’s own certainties, but at the same time feel it is unworthy of true solidarity to try to impose them.

The Inner Religion teaches equality of all human beings; it teaches physical, economical, racial and religious nonviolence; social, cultural and psychological liberation; it teaches the unity of the whole species in one common human nation.

Lastly, the Inner Religion teaches that the most important is love and compassion for all living creatures.

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