19 October 2010

symbolic referendum on climate change (Google translation)

On Wednesday, October 20 at 12 am there will be a symbolic referendum on climate change. Will be in the Puerta del Sol. We will participate in Cayo Lara-General Coordinator of Izquierda Unida, Carmen Almond-Ambassador of Bolivia, José L. Humanist Party Álvarez Nfubea Abuy the Pan-African Federation, among others.Backward results of this referendum will be delivered to President Evo Morales, who will present at the summit in Cancun.

Madrid, 18/10/2010.- Within a day of Europe, this October 20, the Referendum Committee to the Global Climate Change will hold a referendum on the issue in different cities of our country.In the case of Madrid, will begin at 12 am at the Puerta del Sol. This present, supporting with their votes, several people in the world of politics, culture, immigrant groups, etc.Among others, the United Left Cayo Lara, Carmen Almonds, Ambassador of Bolivia, and Jose Luis Alvarez, Humanist. The Party itself is framed within a broad range of measures that seek to draw the attention of people and governments about the environmental risk we live and within the framework of resolutions of the First World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of the Mother Earth, http://www.cmpcc.org/, held in Cochabamba in April.
The voting will continue at various points in the following days and the final result, together with the ballots will be delivered to Evo Morales, unquestioning defender of the rights of Mother Earth, who will present at the next summit in Cancun. For more information and to join, it can be done through the web: http://www.referendumcambioclimatico.org/
Contact phone:Spokesman of the Committee: Ismael Hernández 669506082Press Release: Jane Doe 679423845

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