29 October 2010

Super Computer in India - Can/Will the people do it ?

Super Computer is an aspect that is increasingly used to show the technological strengths of a nation.
The news that China has made a super computer that is 1.4 times faster than the current champion ( http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/28/technology/28compute.html?_r=2&nl&emc=a1 ) seems to be taking the world by a surprise-storm.
Can India do this ?
And, I would go to the extent of raising the question, "Will Indians, the people, do it ?"
Before someone comes up with a doubt, as to how can simple people take up such a seemingly-mammoth task, let me introduce you to the (known) facts that using Linux operating system that is free and open source) and normally-unused-old-junked (but working) computers (P-II, P-III, P-IV types), if a university (that would immediately benefit from such an environment) provides the place to keep a thousand or two computers in a large hall (or multiple rooms) connected over LAN, such a super computer can be created by students and Linux enthusiasts quiet easily.
Also, let me tell you, that this super computer will be a very much working model that can used for production purpose. Let us not forget that Google started in this way.
It is time that Linux Users Groups (LUGs) and Universities came together to take such an initiative and demonstrate the real ability to create and demonstrate this ability in real life.
It could possible involve these steps :
1. A University (Delhi University South Campus could be a place) and LUG/s come together and announce this initiative and request people to give away their old-useless-junked Computers ((P-II, P-III, P-IV types) for this cause. The equipments (Computers, Switches/Routers, LAN cables etc.) required are listed on a website created for this purpose. Announcement clarifies that all donors will be acknowledged on the website;
2. A team goes out to Industry (online and offline) requesting and getting the maximum possible Computers for this project. With the first few received, the setup can get created and, later on, more computers just go on getting plugged in the setup;
3. Complete work is done only on Voluntary basis (all volunteers will be acknowledged on website as part of the team);
4. On a pre-announced date (when the setup is completed), someone from the field of Computers, Science (who is making a difference in India) is invited to inaugurate/announce the availability of such a super-computer. This event will have all the donors, volunteers present and will surely make a big difference for everyone involved.

Crazy idea ? Yes it is, just like anything futuristic is.
Perhaps, we will get some more crazy minds to work it out. Because, its time that Indian came out of their mental-cages to demonstrate their abilities and take charge of the world, to give a creative, non-violent direction to the society, that it needs very badly.

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