19 October 2010

The New Human Being (Note by Godi Gutierrez)

Dear Friends...

It is exactly in moments like this one, in critical situations like this one - when questions that are very difficult to answer are launched from within us. But, also in moments like this one, in situations like this one that affirms for me even more - looking at how peaceful, forceful and joyful our people are as they pay homage to our dear friend, Silo - that we are indeed the beginning of a true universal human nation.

I just realized something and it came in the form of questions: how could there be a higher priority than what we as a people are doing? How could there be a priority more important than the human being? How could there be any other priority than to humanize the earth? Yes, how could there be any other priority than moving towards the goal of creating a Universal Human Nation?

And yes, like it or not, we are a People. We are the New Human Being. We are the People of the future, and that future starts now!

Warm hugs to all...

Silo, the Sage of the Andes

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