18 October 2010

Lets re-build India

On behalf of the Humanists working across India, I invite you (the reader) to consider some questions for yourself :
Q1. : Are you happy with the state of affairs in our country ?
Q2.: Are you satisfied that approximately 80% of Indian population earns less than Rs. 2000/- (two thousand only) per month, while the country is building malls, importing costly cars, gadgets, lifestyle clothes etc., which are useful only for the 5% of Indian population ?
Q3.: Are you aware that 40% of Indian districts are in control of Naxalites ?
Q4.: Are you aware that while Supreme Court had ordered the Government of India to make education free for all from nursery class to class XI, the Government has made a law (Right to education) which has kept the pre-primary kids out of this ambit ?
Q5.: Are you aware that the late P.M. Rajiv Gandhi said that out of every rupee spent by the Government, only 15 paise reach people, and that no Government, no P.M. or anyone else from any party ruling the state/s or center has denied this ?
Q6.: In the light of above, out of Rs. 87,000 Crores spent on the recent Common Wealth games, a sum of 73,950 Crores needs to be located in tax-heavens and brought back to people. Who will do it ?

When faced by these questions (there are many more), do you think we have Democracy in India ? Or has it not become d-e-m-o-N-c-r-a-c-y ? Judge for yourself .
Are you prepared to continue allowing these inhuman conditions that violate basic human rights of most citizens ?
Are you prepared to keep your eyes closed to these facts that face us all ?
Are you prepared to continue your blind struggle to make both ends meet while the prices keep going up (thanks to the corruption that is continuously eating away the resources that belong to people) ?
Are you prepared to keep quiet while you, your family, your work, your friends, your neighbours, your whole nation keeps on going deeper into loans and danger to life itself (due to increasing violence) ?

If not, lets come together and work to overcome violence.
Violence is within us (frustrations, fears, insecurity, hatred, vengence, etc. negative feelings) and must be overcome if we wish to grow as human beings;
Violence is around us (physical, economic, racial, religious, gender, moral, psychological) and needs to be overcome if we wish to grow as a country, as human race.
Lets work for this. You are welcome to join the Humanists working across India (we also work in 150 countries of the world).
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