24 October 2010

The Inspiration

The Inspiration

The Inner Religion is inspired by Silo's Message. The Message given by Silo was formalized in The Inner Look, The Ceremonies and The Path. Some books such as The Internal Landscape and The Human Landscape have helped the Message to be better understood.

The Message is an expression of the "Profound". It is an expression of the spirit within the human interior which is capable of transcending the times and spaces where our "I" lives. The Message is the means through which we can place ourselves in the presence of the Sacred.

The ExperienceIt is from within the profound depth of the human being that the Sacred manifests itself. That’s why the experience of the Force is so important since we can make this extraordinary phenomena erupt into our daily world. Without this experience everything is uncertain. With the experience of the Force we have profound evidence. We don’t need faith to recognize the Sacred. The Force is obtained in some ceremonies such as the Service and the Laying on of Hands. In the ceremonies of Well-being and Assistance the effects of the Force can also be perceived.

Making contact with the Force causes an acceleration of and an increase in the amount of psycho-physical energy, especially when coherent actions are carried out in daily life. These actions also produce internal unity and orient us towards spiritual birth. The Force can be exteriorized at a distance and its influence is greater when many people take part. The action of the Force becomes stronger between family members, friends and loved ones.

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