24 October 2010

Inner Religiosity

Inner Religiosity

BackgroundThe Message given by Silo is formalized in The Book (The Inner Look), The Experience (Ceremonies) and The Path (phrases for meditation). The Message can be better understood with the help of books like The Internal Landscape and The Human Landscape.

The Message is an expression of the "Profound." It is an expression of the interiority of the human spirit that is able to transcend the times and spaces in which our "I" moves. The Message is the means through which we can place ourselves in the presence of the Sacred.

The ExperienceThe Sacred manifests itself from the depths of the human being. It is from this that the experience of the Force derives its importance; it is an extraordinary phenomenon that we can cause to erupt into the world of daily life. Without the experience of the Force everything is uncertain; with this experience we gain profound evidence. We don’t need faith to recognize the Sacred. The Force is obtained in ceremonies such as that of the Service and the Laying on of Hands. The effects of the Force can also be perceived in the ceremonies of Well-being and Assistance.

Contact with the Force causes the psychophysical energy to accelerate and increase, especially when it is accompanied by coherent actions in daily life. These actions moreover produce internal unity and orient us towards spiritual birth. The Force can be exteriorized even at a distance and with greater influence when many people participate. The action of the Force is stronger between family members, friends and loved ones.

The Universe and LifeThe birth of time and the direction of this universe arise from an evolutionary intention. Energy, matter, and life evolve towards increasingly complex forms. Life emerges when matter begins to move, nourish itself and reproduce. Living matter generates a field of energy which has traditionally been called the soul. The soul, or energetic double, acts both within and around the vital centers of animate beings.

Through cellular fusion produced in the act of reproduction, living beings pass the energy field along and configure a new, totally independent being. In order to feed themselves and continue functioning, living bodies require solid, liquid, gaseous, and radiant elements. Furthermore, in order to develop, the energetic double requires sensations of a different potential. With the dissolution of the body there occurs the separation and annihilation of the energetic double.

The constant evolution of our world has produced the human being–a being both transitional and evolving. Human beings by incorporating social experience–in contrast to other species–modify themselves with increasing rapidity. Finally human beings reach conditions that allow them to go beyond the rigorous dictates of nature, transforming themselves, inventing themselves–remaking themselves both physically and psychologically. Within the human being there can arise a new principle generated by the double. Since ancient times this new principle has been called spirit. The spirit is born when the double returns on itself, it is made conscious and forms a "center" of new energy.

The Human SpiritHuman beings have not completed their evolution. We are incomplete beings but in our development we have the possibility of forming an internal energetic center… whether this does or does not occur depends on the type of life that has been lived. Conscious and unitive actions permit the structuring of a centripetal system of forces that we call spirit. Through kindness, through the elimination of internal contradictions, through conscious acts and the genuine need to evolve, the human being can give birth to the spirit. Love and compassion are necessary for this evolution. Thanks to these, not only does internal cohesion become possible, but also that cohesion among beings which enables them to transmit the spirit to one another. The entire human species evolves toward love and compassion. Whoever works for themselves with love and compassion also does so for other beings.

The Practice of Inner ReligiosityIf you live your life according to the declaration made in the ceremony of Recognition…
• If in appropriate moments you appeal to the inspiration of the Inner Guide…
• If on a weekly basis you participate in the ceremonies and the meditations on The Book, The Path and the related materials…
• If on a monthly basis you reflect about your internal growth in relation to life’s difficulties…
• Then, you are on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

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