24 October 2010

7 Points of The Inner Religion

7 Points of The Inner Religion

Life has meaning... death does not exist!

1 - We place the human as the central value and concern, in such a way that nothing is above the human being and no human being is above another.

2 - We are adherents of the principle of valid action, which states: Treat others as you want others to treat you". And therefore we condemn violence. We are against all wars. We are strong advocates of active non-violence. We repudiate the violence rooted in daily life in all regions of the world, not only the various forms of physical violence but all other forms of violence: economic, racial, sexual, religious, moral, and psychological.

3 - We give full respect to other religious institutions and all belief systems. All human beings should have full rights to believe, or not to believe, in immortality and the sacred. The IR gives the utmost importance to the themes of immortality and the sacred because, depending on how a person places him or herself with respect to these themes, so will be his or her orientation in life.

4 - We adhere to the principle of equality and non-discrimination (and in accordance with this principle, special considerations are given to women and the young; so much so that they are encourage to take leading roles in the organizational functioning of the Inner Religion).

5 - We recognize and give full respect to personal and cultural diversities, affirming the characteristics proper to each human group and condemning discrimination, whether motivated by economic, racial, ethnic, or cultural differences.

6 - We support the development of human knowledge to the maximum, and encourage every tendency to develop knowledge beyond the limitations imposed by prejudices accepted as absolute and immutable truths.

7 - We give importance to experience; especially, the experience of the Force and the sharing of that experience with others. The Sacred manifests itself from the depths of the human being. It is from this that the experience of the Force derives its importance; it is an extraordinary phenomenon that we can cause to erupt into the world of daily life. Without the experience of the Force everything is uncertain; with this experience we gain profound evidence. We don't need faith to recognize the Sacred. The Force is obtained in ceremonies such as that of The Work with the Force and the Transfer of the Force.


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